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About Kolekti

Hi, I’m Phillip Stemann and I’m building Kolekti to help you with all your affiliate deals.

Being a YouTube video creator and a blog writer, keeping an overview of the many affiliate deals is nearly impossible. That’s why I’m building Kolekti.

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See all your income at once

Kolekti's mission

I want to make Kolekti the best affiliate tool possible where you can get tips and tricks, and overview of your affiliate deals, and an analysis to help you increase your earnings.

Affiliate deals

Get an overview of all your affiliate deals in one place with statistics, performance overview and best performers.

Suggestions engine

Get suggestions on how you can improve your affiliate earnings by minor tweaks, weekly reports and tips from the suggestion engine.

Kolekti's values

If you want to know more about Kolekti, you’re on the right page. Transparency and community are important to me, so feel free to reach out in the chat.


It's important for me to stay transparent. Kolekti handles so much data, and all personal data stays encrypted and safe, you're always welcome to reach out and ask questions.

Cutting edge

I always want to provide the newest features possible with cutting edge. If I see some technology I know can help you increase your affiliate earnings. Then know I'm using it to provide it to you.


There are many different affiliate deals out there, and I'm integrating as many as possible.

If you can't find the one you want, contact me in the chat.


I want to include you in how Kolekti is transforming. In the chat, in the bottom right corner, there is a roadmap.

Feel free to always share your opinion so we together can create the best affiliate tool.

Product widgets

Not only is Kolekti giving you an overview, but I also want to build Kolekti to become an assistant to you.

Always letting you know where you can optimise to increase your earnings.